Sophie Hart
Creative Director
Brisbane - Sydney by Request

With an aptitude for inventive solutions and a meticulous refined eye for detail Sophie is widely recognized as being at the peak of her profession. After creating SHS in 2007 the business has gone from strength to strength. Year after year Sophie has developed and built upon a diverse but loyal client base.

With a client base across all platforms the SHS team, directed by Sophie, is versatile, professional and dedicated to finding the perfect style solution. Hart’s personal duty to style extends beyond that of the traditional stylist

Lucy Alder
Stylist & Art Director
Sydney - Central Coast

Lucy has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications – Theatre and Media and a Certificate IV in Arts in Visual Merchandising. Her thorough, exacting eye, pragmatic and focused attention to detail, organisational skills and impressive work ethic means Lucy is the lynchpin of the team and Sophie relies on her for the full range of SHS projects.

Just some of her many areas of expertise are; costume and real life styling, props and art direction for TV commercials and advertising campaigns, TV personalities, interior projects and she is also an experienced personal stylist.

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Kara Kyne

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Tira Jaye
Hair & Make-up
Sydney - Central Coast - Brisbane by Request

Tira began her hair and makeup career in TV commercials, which has given her work a beautifully natural and versatile style. Having first met Sophie 15 years ago on a shoot they instantly clicked and have since formed a formidable working relationship.

Tira’s bubbly personality puts her clients at ease, her skill and experience produce results under pressure and her familiar role at SHS leads to smooth and efficient team success on advertising campaigns, TV commercials, red carpet events and publicity.

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